Mi ne gremo na drug planet – Wir bleiben hier auf dieser schönen Welt (V. & S. Avsenik) [Sheet music]

This is another one of the Avsenik brothers’ polkas which have become more widely played in the last few decades. Its Slovenian title translates to “We’re not going to another planet” and its German title similarly translates to “We’ll stay here in this beautiful world”. Its lyrics speak of refusing to visit other planets, as Earth is too beautiful and precious to trade for any other location. Slovenian and German versions with lyrics in both languages were released, and an instrumental version was released on the Slovenian double album “Vesele Urice” and German album “Fröhliche Stunden Mit Musik”. The Slovenian double album from 1977 which features the vocal version, “Povsod smo mi doma” (We are at home everywhere), is one of my favourite and undoubtedly one of the best albums produced by the ensemble, with very energetic performances, beautiful vocals by the (then new) vocal trio (Nipič, Svete, Prodnik), and an amazing sound mix. It’s definitely an album to immerse yourself in, if you want to experience an hour of some of the best Oberkrainer music ever produced. The album was generously shared to YouTube by user “Oberkrainer LP“, so please listen to it, with your best speakers or headphones, and take it in.

This song has had many covers recorded and performed by various ensembles throughout Slovenia, Austria and Germany, but one of my favourites is an instrumental trio version (accordion, guitar, acoustic bass) released on YouTube by Studio Bogataj from Slovenia in 2014.

In my sheets, part A is based on the instrumental version’s accordion part which includes some (uncommon but not unheard of in this genre) diminished chords, which Slavko Avsenik plays very elegantly and energetically on a picolo-clarinet or piccolo-clarinet-bassoon register of his Hohner Morino VM.

Sheet music

📝 Sheet music pdf (D major)

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Original Avsenik video with Slovenian vocals

Trio cover by Studio Bogataj, Slovenia

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