Zlati časi & Adijo, pa zdrava ostani (Slovenian folk songs) [Sheet music]

These are 2 Slovenian folk songs which are often performed as waltzes. “Zlati časi” translates to “Golden times” and sings from the perspective of a 20 year old Slovenian leaving his homeland, reassuring his mother who is in tears not to worry, and how he will miss his homeland (the Slovenian lyrics are available on this link).
“Adijo, pa zdrava ostani” translates to “Goodbye, stay well” and is told from the perspective of a man who asks his love to never forget him, even though she will marry someone else (lyrics are available on this link). The melody of this folk song was re-packaged by Slovenian-American (Cleveland Style Polka) group, the “Richie Vadnal Orchestra” or “Ansambel Richeja Vadnala”.

Not the happiest of folk songs, no, but beautiful melodies and lyrics, which have long been sung by many previous generations of Slovenians.

Sheet music

📝 Sheet music pdf (F major)

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