Advanced accordion excercises and songs by Andrej Toplišek – “Stücke für Akkordeonprofis”

It’s probably evident that I’m a fan of Andrej Toplišek’s work, which also extends into educational content for accordionists in the Slovenian/Oberkrain style. Released by Alpengold Harmonikas, “Stücke für Akkordeonprofis” which translates to “Songs for accordion professionals” is aimed at accordionists who want to improve their skills, to be able to play more technical songs. I thoroughly am enjoying this book and wanted to spread the word to other accordionists wanting to improve their skills particularly in this genre.

The book comprises of several exercises which Toplišek recommends you practice regularly for several weeks, slowly building up speed over time, after which your handling of technically demanding songs become easier to manage. Andrej’s suggestion is to start with a metronome at a slow speed, then once you can play the exercise without any mistakes, build up gradually by 5bpm each time.

It also includes 7 solo arrangements of his songs: Eröffnungspolka, Das Bierfest (Bierfest Polka), Frühlingskonzert, Im Tal Von Logarska, Meine Alpengold Harmonika, Die Atmosphäre Um Andrej, Zwei Bruder.

The written tips in the book are in German, but can be translated using Google Translate on your phone if needed. Andrej is also happy to explain (in English, German or Slovenian) anything that you need to know about the book before and after purchasing it.

To purchase the book contact Andrej on Facebook, or Instagram (the book and postage rates are reasonable). Also, if you haven’t heard of his vinyl LP “Postkarte aus Slowenien”, I’ve written about it here and can highly recommend it to any Slovenian/Oberkrainer music enthusiast who wants to hear something new and of high quality.


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