Moje sanje, sanje najine (B. Kovačič) [Sheet music]

This is a beautiful waltz by legendary Slovenian composer Boris Kovačič, sung by his wife Stanka Kovačič in the 1960s and covered several times by Slovenian popular-folk (Oberkrainer) ensembles. The title translates to “My dream, our dream” and sings of two people in love, who dreamed together every night when they first met, and continue to share dreams and wishes throughout their lives.

Stanka Kovačič is known for her exceptionally gentle, beautiful voice, which was perfectly paired together with Trio Vital Ahačič’s warm accompaniment, beautiful lyrics, and Boris Kovačič’s beautiful compositions and arrangements.


📝 Sheet music pdf (F major)


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Cover by Š’ta godba and Saša Zamernik
Original recording by Stanka Kovačič and Trio Vital Ahačič (1960s)

Cover by Savinjski Kvintet (2022)

Cover by Vražji Muzikanti (2021)


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