Slovenian ‘Oberkrainer’ accordion rhythm technique for waltzes

For a brief historical explanation of the technique and a video on how to use this technique in polkas, click on the article below.

Slovenian ‘Oberkrainer’ accordion rhythm technique for polkas

Waltzes in the Oberkrainer accordion rhythm technique (Slo: tresanje or spremljavo, Ger: begleitung) involve playing chords in quavers (eighth notes) repeatedly and smoothly in 3/4 time, with no bellow shaking. Below is a video and exercise sheet PDF which I hope might assist some people in learning and improving their technique.

Some tips to help you on your journey:

  • Wrist movements on the treble (right) hand can help with maintaining rhythm.
  • Varying the pressure of the bellows at different times helps with a dynamic feel and energy.
  • I like to vary the number of notes played at any given time, alternating between 3, 4 and 5 notes, to suite the melody and feeling of the song, as well as coordination with other instruments in a trio or quintet.
  • Varying the bellow movement is not essential. There is no bellow shaking of any sorts.
  • Tapping the left (bass) hand can be used instead of playing basses, to help maintain feeling and rhythm.
  • The faster the waltz, the higher chance that the chords will be played with shorter, staccato notes.

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