I’m a Slovenian-Australian musician and freelance web designer, and I create educational content for accordionists, focusing on Slovenian and Alpine popular folk music.

About me

From an early age my Slovenian background encouraged me to learn popular folk music on accordion (Slovenian: narodnozabavna glasba, German: volkstümliche musik), which is played in the alpine regions of central Europe. Later I learnt to play this style on diatonic button accordion (Slovenian: frajtonerca, German: steirische harmonika), guitar and bass. My goal is to help others learn to play this music, especially in English speaking countries where it is difficult to get face-to-face help.


  • In April 2019 musician and journalist from Slovenia, Jože Galič, wrote an article about my work in Slovenian music abroad in a magazine Vikend by Slovenian newspaper Delo.
  • In 2019 formed a trio with two Slovenian-Australians (Peter Grivic and Steve Rezonja), Alpski Muzikantje (Alpen Musikanten), performing Slovenian and Alpine music around Melbourne.
  • During the 2020 lockdowns, I participated in a collaboration with Slovenian musicians from USA and Canada which was aired on TV Slovenia’s music program Slovenski Pozdrav.
  • Participated in a Christmas collaboration video with Sašo Avsenik (Ansambel Saša Avsenika).
  • Wrote piano accordion sheet music for Denis Novato’s sheet music book released in 2022 by Bognermusik.
  • Appeared on TV Slovenia’s documentary on 70 years of Avsenik’s music in 2023.

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