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Phillip Nadvesnik

Ko se začne pomlad – Wenn der Frühling beginnt [Sheet music]

I came up with this song in the first weeks of spring this year and it translates to “When spring begins”. Hopefully none of it comes from any existing song that I’ve heard before. I hope I might come up with more in the future, as it’s a very interesting and new experience.

This song is suitable for intermediate levels. If anyone happens to learn it, I’d love to hear it! 😍


Zapleši z mano – Ich denk an dich (D. Novato) [Sheet music]


Protected: Learn to play: Gremo na Dobrčo – Danke für die Gastfreundschaft (V. & S. Avsenik)


  1. Günter Mader

    Thank you for this present and musical gift, learning more and more, thank you my friend, nice greetings.

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