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Timple Boarischer (F. Pfister) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video] [Play-along audio]

Timple Boarischer is a popular Boarischer (basically a slower polka played in the alpine regions of German speaking Europe) written by Freddy Pfister and first recorded by Zillertaler Schürzenjäger (Austria) in the 1980s.


‘Learn to play’ includes:

📝 Sheet music pdf (C)
🎼 Accompaniment playback mp3 (C)
📹 Slow tutorial video (C)

More options:

📝 Sheet music pdf (C)

📝 Sheet music pdf (C) + 🎵 Accompaniment mp3 (C)

My arrangement for solo accordion
Freddy Pfister Band


Domovina – Liebe Heimat (F. Korbar) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video] [Play-along audio]


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  1. Günter Mader

    This piece is a real burner, everyone knows it and it creates a good atmosphere, the bass has to be played cleanly at this speed, a nice and great challenge to learn. A great addition to the repertoire, thank you Phillip.

  2. Hans

    I like what the Freddy Pfister band is playing. Agood choice Thanks fo that.

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