From an early age my Slovenian background (both parents emigrated from Slovenia) influenced me to learn populate folk music (Slovenian: narodnozabavna glasba, German: volkstümliche musik) from the alpine regions of central Europe including Slovenia from an early age, on piano accordion, diatonic button accordion, guitar and bass. I learnt the piano accordion from successful teacher and promoter of the accordion Don Quattrocchi for over 10 years.

A few achievements:

  • In April 2019 composer and journalist from Slovenia, Jože Galič wrote an article about my work in Slovenian music abroad in a magazine Vikend by Slovenian newspaper Delo.
  • In mid-2019 two Slovenian-Australians (Peter Grivic and Steve Rezonja) and I formed a trio, Alpski Muzikantje, performing and promoting Slovenian and alpine music throughout Victoria.
  • During the 2020 stay at home orders, I participated in a collaboration with Slovenian musicians from USA and Canada which was aired on TV Slovenia’s music program Slovenski Pozdravi.
  • Participated in a Christmas collaboration video with Sašo Avsenik (Ansambel Saša Avsenika).