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Tam kjer murke cveto – Dort wo das Edelweiss blüht (V. & S. Avsenik) [Sheet music] [Tutorial] [Accompaniment]

“Tam kjer murke cveto” was released on Avsenik’s first Slovenian LP record of the same name and is one of Avsenik’s most famous waltzes which instantly became a hit with Slovenians around the world. In English it translates to “Where the Murka flower blooms” which refers to the Slovenian Murka flower.

Slavko Avsenik’s grandson Sašo’s band performing “Murke”

– Sheet music in pdf in G
– Accompaniment track in G
– Slow tutorial video in G
– Scrolling sheet music video with accompaniment in G


Ko muzikant od doma roma – Ein musikant kennt kein zuhause (I. Brüggemann) [Sheet music] [Tutorial] [Accompaniment]

Popular vocal waltz from the early 1980s by Inge (Ingrid) Brüggemann from Austria (credited on some records with her pseudonym Janez Rakovec), recorded by Ansambel Janeza Kalška/Oberkrainer Sextett Janez Kalšek from Slovenia.

Original with Slovenian lyrics


– Sheet music pdf in F and Eb
– Accompaniment track in F
– Tutorial video in F
– Scrolling sheet music video with accompaniment in F


How to play basic Slovenian Oberkrainer guitar polka rhythm

Vilko & Slavko Avsenik’s ensemble from Slovenia were the creators of the ‘Oberkrainer’ sound and genre which took off in the alpine parts of central Europe. A typical band in this genre, following Avseniki, has three main parts: the vocal, melodic and rhythm sections. The rhythm section in the band is usually made up of the vital three instruments: accordion, guitar and double bass or electric bass which alternates with baritone.

Boris Frank – Ali že igraš #9 [Book scan]

In the 1960s-1970s several editions of sheet music books with Boris Frank’s compositions with lyrics were published under the title “Ali že igraš”. One of the few that I have in my possession is a 9th edition which contain the songs “V zidanici“, “Ura“, “Vencek narodnih št. 1” (Slovenian folk songs arranged by Boris Frank), “Ne bom te prosil“. All songs were released onto albums by Boris Frank s Svojimi Kranjci (Boris Frank und seine Fidelen Oberkrainer).

Accordions played by Slavko Avsenik

The sound of Slavko and Vilko Avsenik’s ensemble (Slo: Ansambel bratov Avsenik, Ger: Slavko Avsenik und seine Original Oberkrainer) had many moving parts that contributed to the legendary sound which evolved throughout their career spanning from the 1950s to the 1990s. Technique, band members, advancements in sound engineering, arrangements by Vilko Avsenik and combinations of instruments evolved with each album and each decade. This includes the evolution of each accordion that Slavko Avsenik recorded and performed with.

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