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Zemlja Domača (F. Šegovc) [Sheet music]

This is another beautiful song by Franc Šegovc (Štirje Kovači) from their LP “Zdaj pa vem” from 1982. Štirje Kovači (Four Blacksmiths) recently entered the Guinness Book of Records for being the longest active Narodnozabavna (Slovenian popular-folk, Oberkrainer) ensemble in the world (67 years to date).

Igramo za prijatelje (F. Šegovc) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video] [Play-along audio]

This is one of my favourite songs by Franc Šegovc (Štirje kovači) from the 1970s. Štirje kovači are one of the oldest Oberkrainer/Narodnozabavna bands in Slovenia who are still active. The name translates to “We play for you”.


‘Learn to play’ includes:

📝 Sheet music pdf (E♭)
🎼 Accompaniment playback mp3 (E♭)
📹 Slow tutorial video (E♭)

More options:

Štirje kovači

Luna sanja (F. Šegovc) [Sheet music]

Waltz by Franc Šegovc from Štirje kovači’s 1982 Slovenian LP “Zdaj pa vem”. The translation from Slovenian is “The moon dreams”.

Original recording from Štirje Kovači

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