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Trije godci (R. Bardorfer) [Sheet music] [Handwritten scan]

Janez Goršič (Ansambel Rudija Bardorferja, Dobri Znanci, Ansambel Janeza Goršiča) from Slovenia was the final accordionist with Ansambel Rudija Bardorferja, after Rudi Bardorfer was exiled to Switzerland, and joined their album “Rodni Kraj” in 1973.

Janez was very kind to send me some scans of Bardorfer’s rare handwritten sheet music, and it is his wish to be shared with a wider community to enjoy.

This is a polka that I have never heard on any recording of Rudi Bardorfer’s ensemble, and am pleased to share with you Janez’s scan of this handwritten sheet. The title “Trije godci” translates to “Three musicians”.

Jaz pa vem za eno dekle (R. Bardorfer) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video] [Play-along audio and video]

This is a song by Rudi Bardorfer from Slovenia, from an album by Ansambel Rudija Bardorferja in 1963 titled ‘Moje Dekle‘. Bardorfer is one of my favourite composers with a very interesting story.


Learn to play includes:
📝 Sheet music pdf (A)
🎼 Accompaniment/playback mp3 (A)
📹 Slow tutorial video (A)
🎹 Play-along video (A)

Cover by Ansambel Roka Žlindre
My arrangement for accordion

V gabrovem (R. Bardorfer) [Sheet music]

Instrumental polka ‘V gabrovem’ by Slovenian composer and accordionist Rudi Bardorfer (Ansambel Rudija Bardorfer).

Moj valček (R. Bardorfer) [Sheet music]

Here is my arrangement of instrumental ‘Moj valček’ by Slovenian composer and accordionist Rudi Bardorfer (Ansambel Rudija Bardorferja).

Moje dekle (R. Bardorfer) [Sheet music]

In 1963 Ansambel Rudija Bardorferja recorded ‘Moje Dekle’. Here’s my arrangement available in F# (original key) and F, which might be an easier alternative for some.

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