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Trije godci (R. Bardorfer) [Sheet music] [Handwritten scan]

Janez Goršič (Ansambel Rudija Bardorferja, Dobri Znanci, Ansambel Janeza Goršiča) from Slovenia was the final accordionist with Ansambel Rudija Bardorferja, after Rudi Bardorfer was exiled to Switzerland, and joined their album “Rodni Kraj” in 1973.

Janez was very kind to send me some scans of Bardorfer’s rare handwritten sheet music, and it is his wish to be shared with a wider community to enjoy.

This is a polka that I have never heard on any recording of Rudi Bardorfer’s ensemble, and am pleased to share with you Janez’s scan of this handwritten sheet. The title “Trije godci” translates to “Three musicians”.

Valček za punčko (J. Pikel) [Sheet music]

This is a waltz by Jernej Pikel from Slovenia which translates to (roughly) “Waltz for my daughter” or “Daughter’s waltz”. Jernej has more of his own compositions on his YouTube channel.

Boris Frank – Ali že igraš #3 [Book scan]

In the 1960s-1970s several editions of sheet music books with Boris Frank’s compositions with lyrics were published under the title “Ali že igraš” (Are you already playing). This 3rd edition contains the following songs, all arrangements of traditional Slovenian folk songs: “Hiš’ca ob cest’ stoji”, “Uspavanka”, “Vandrovček“, “Tam na vrtni gredi“.

All songs were released onto albums by Boris Frank s Svojimi Kranjci (Boris Frank und seine Fidelen Oberkrainer).

Ko se začne pomlad – Wenn der Frühling beginnt [Sheet music]

I came up with this song in the first weeks of spring this year and it translates to “When spring begins”. Hopefully none of it comes from any existing song that I’ve heard before. I hope I might come up with more in the future, as it’s a very interesting and new experience.

This song is suitable for intermediate levels. If anyone happens to learn it, I’d love to hear it! 😍

Zapleši z mano – Ich denk an dich (D. Novato) [Sheet music]

This is one among the many pretty waltzes written by Denis Novato, Slovenian-Italian world-champion on the diatonic button accordion, his album “Gruß aus Triest”. The Slovenian title translates to “Dance with me” and the German title translates to “I am thinking of you”.

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