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Matiček se ženi – Fröhliche Hochzeitsrunde (I. Podpečan) [Sheet music]

Instrumental polka ‘Matiček se ženi’/’Fröhliche Hochzeitsrunde’ by Igor Podpečan (Igor in Zlati Zvoki) from Slovenia.

Hišca ob cest stoji (Slovenian folk song) [Sheet music]

Here are 2 basic variations of Slovenian folk song ‘Hisca ob cest stoji’. First version was recorded by Boris Frank, second by Kvintet Avsenik and later by Alpski Kvintet. To keep it simple, it’s only the melody of the folk song itself, and not the extra instrumental sections created by these bands.

Harmonika Valček (J. Golob) [Sheet music]

Instrumental waltz ‘Harmonika valcek’ by Janko Golob (Kvintet Štatenberg from Germany).

Slovenska polka (A. Blumauer) [Sheet music]

Instrumental polka ‘Slovenska polka’ by Andrej Blumauer (1932-2013) from Slovenia. This arrangement for the accordion is inspired by Jože Galič from Slovenia’s arrangement for Ansambel Slovenija (melody was played on harmonica by Galič) recorded in the 1980s. I’ve written up arrangements in the original key (Db) and in a less challenging key (C).

Gremo v Mengeš (F. Mihelič) [Sheet music]

Instrumental polka ‘Gremo v Mengeš’ (Going to Mengeš) by Franc Mihelič (Ansambel Franca Miheliča) from Slovenia.

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