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Valček za punčko (J. Pikel) [Sheet music]

This is a waltz by Jernej Pikel from Slovenia which translates to (roughly) “Waltz for my daughter” or “Daughter’s waltz”. Jernej has more of his own compositions on his YouTube channel.

Frühschoppen Polka – Šoštanjska (B. Skruba) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video] [Play-along audio] [Play-along video]

Instrumental polka “Frühschoppen Polka”/”Šoštanjska” by Branko Skruba (Oberkrainer Sextett/Slovenski Muzikantje).


– Sheet music pdf in G
– Accompaniment playback track in G
– Tutorial video
– Accompaniment with sheet music video

Razposajena harmonika (F. Mihelič) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video] [Play-along audio] [Play-along video]

Instrumental polka ‘Razposajena harmonika’ by Slovenian accordionist Franc Mihelič (Ansambel Franca Miheliča).

Čez Pungrt (R. Žlindra) [Sheet music]

Instrumental polka ‘Čez Pungrt’ by Rok Žlindra (Ansambel Roka Žlindre) from Slovenia.

Matjakova polka (Ansambel Tomaža Rota) [Sheet music]

Instrumental polka ‘Matjakova polka’ by Tomaž Rot (Ansambel Tomaža Rota) from Slovenia.

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