Grandpa From Kranj Polka (J. Miskulin) [Sheet music]

Joey Miskulin is an incredibly accomplished accordionist and music producer of Slovenian and Croatian roots from the United States. I’ve always known about him for his work with Frankie Yankovic (in the Cleveland-Style Polka genre), although Miskulin has worked with the likes of Johnny Cash, John Denver, and even contributed to the soundtrack for Toy […]

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Pot Pod Noge (M. Kovačič) [Sheet music]

Growing up in the 1990s and most of the 2000s, before YouTube, my only access to Oberkrainer/Alpine music videos was my dad’s video tapes and streaming some very pixelated video from TV Slovenija’s website on dial-up. One of these tapes was simply called “Narodno-zabavna glasba” (Folk-pop music) featuring random Slovenian ensembles from the 1980s, taped

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Party Polka (H. Färber) [Sheet music]

This is an instrumental polka composed by Helmut Färber, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from the Austrian Oberkrainer band Die Mooskirchner. The original recording featured the ensemble’s co-founder Helmut Freydl on the chromatic button accordion. It’s a technically demanding song to play on the accordion which can be challenging to find appropriate fingering and right hand chords,

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Šikana Polka – Fast Polka (P. Grivic) [Sheet music]

Šikana Polka (translates from Slovene to ‘Fast Polka’) was written for the diatonic button accordion (Slo: Diatonična harmonika, Ger: Steirische harmonika) by Peter Grivic, a fellow Slovenian-Australian who I’ve had the pleasure of performing with many times in our trio Alpski Muzikantje (Alpen Musikanten). Peter has had a successful musical journey, performing for many Alpine/Oberkrainer

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Flott aufg’spielt (E. Moser) [Sheet music] [Play-along audio]

This is Erich Moser’s most popular polka, Flott aufg’spielt, which roughly translates to ‘Playing quickly’. Erich Moser was an amazing steirische harmonika (diatonic button accordion) player from Austria, who was well known for his great technical skills and many unique, beautiful melodies like Kleiner Spatz am Dach, Walzer fur harmonika, and so on. Unfortunately Erich

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Christl Boarischer (L. Plattner) [Sheet music]

This is an instrumental by Luis Plattner from the Austrian Volksmusik group Original Tiroler Echo. They are known for several hits (Die Sterne am Himmel, among others), and their quality sound utilises Oberkrainer rhythm and 2 accordions; diatonic button accordion (steirische harmonika) and piano accordion. The first time I heard them was on an old

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