Pretuler Polka – Stoariegler Polka (Traditional) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

This is a traditional Austrian polka which goes by at least 3 different names: Pretuler Polka, Stoarigler Polka and Radltruchn Polka. It is often played fast but doesn’t have to be. If someone knows what the names mean, let me know so that I can it add to this description. I assume they are names of Austrian towns (?).

Edit: It turns out that ‘Pretuler’ means ‘ditch’ in Styria, and Radltruchnpolka means ‘Wheelbarrow polka’ 😅 (thanks Sigi R).

Preview tutorial video:

‘Learn to play’ package:

📝 Sheet music pdf (E♭) + 📹 slow tutorial video (E♭)

Sheet music only:

📝 Sheet music pdf (E♭)

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