Harmonika Hans’l (Austrian folk song) [Sheet music]

“Harmonika Hans’l” is a traditional Austrian waltz (from the context of existing recordings I’m assuming it’s from Austria) of unknown origin and has been recorded several times by different Austrian folk music groups, primarily traditional folk music rather than the Oberkrainer style, and on the Steirische Harmonika (Styrian or Alpine button accordion), however it was also recorded by a little known Oberkrainer style group presumably from Austria or Germany called “Marburger Quintett” (named after Slovenian city, Maribor) in the 1980s in the style of a Slovenian/Oberkrainer trio, on piano accordion, possibly by Oberkrainer accordion icon, Sandi Jug. I couldn’t find much else on this song, but I thought it’s a neat exercise for the fingers and a lot of fun to play, especially for an older folk song, demonstrating that Alpine folk music even in its older form has never been a simplistic style.

Sheet music

đź“ť Sheet music pdf (F major)

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