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The best books on Slovenian popular folk music and Oberkrainer music

Reading Time: 7 minutes

There are some great books I’ve been reading (albeit slowly in Slovene) that I’d like to share with you, about Slovenian popular folk music, and more specifically Slavko and Vilko Avsenik who started and shaped the entire genre of ‘narodnozabavna glasba’ (Slovene for popular folk music) or ‘Oberkrainer’ (German name of the genre derived from the German name for the Gorenjska region in Slovenia). This extends to other influential figures who further shaped and pioneered the music such as Lojze Slak, and I’ve included 3 accordion and guitar technique books at the end of the list as well. I’ve also outlined where these books can be bought, and whether they have translations available.

Advanced accordion excercises and songs by Andrej Toplišek – “Stücke für Akkordeonprofis”

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s probably evident that I’m a fan of Andrej Toplišek’s work, which also extends into educational content for accordionists in the Slovenian/Oberkrain style. Released by Alpengold Harmonikas, “Stücke für Akkordeonprofis” which translates to “Songs for accordion professionals” is aimed at accordionists who want to improve their skills, to be able to play more technical songs. I thoroughly am enjoying this book and wanted to spread the word to other accordionists wanting to improve their skills particularly in this genre.

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