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Kol’kor kaplic tol’ko let (Slovenian drinking toast) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

“Kol’kor kaplic tol’ko let” is a traditional Slovenian drinking toast, which is often sung at parties, festivals, gigs, and so on. It translates roughly to “as many drops as years”, as to say “let us be blessed with as many years as there are drops in this glass”.

Learn to play:

📝 Sheet music pdf (F) + 📹 Slow tutorial video (F)

Sheet music:

📝 Sheet music pdf (F)

Pretuler Polka – Stoariegler Polka (Traditional) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

This is a traditional Austrian polka which goes by at least 3 different names: Pretuler Polka, Stoarigler Polka and Radltruchn Polka. It is often played fast but doesn’t have to be. If someone knows what the names mean, let me know so that I can it add to this description. I assume they are names of Austrian towns (?). Edit: It turns out that ‘Pretuler’ means ‘ditch’ in Styria, and Radltruchnpolka means ‘Wheelbarrow polka’ 😅 (thanks Sigi R).

Preview tutorial video:

‘Learn to play’ package:

📝 Sheet music pdf (E♭) + 📹 slow tutorial video (E♭)

Sheet music only:

📝 Sheet music pdf (E♭)

Ne prižigaj luči – Noch einmal erklingt der walzer – Save the last dance (L. Slak) [Sheet music]

This is one of my favourite songs by Lojze Slak, one of the most influential Slovenian diatonic button accordionists and composers in the Slovenian popular-folk music genre (Narodnozabavna glasba), whose compositions, recordings and performances by his ensemble (Ansambel Lojzeta Slaka with Fantje s Praprotna), captured the hearts and souls of Slovenians around the world.

I’ve arranged sheet music for 2 keys: A♭ (same as the original recording) and G.

Sheet music:

📝 Sheet music pdf (A♭)

📝 Sheet music pdf (G)

Slovenija, odkod lepote tvoje – Slowenien, mein Heimatland (V. & S. Avsenik) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

This is one of the most popular waltzes by the Avsenik brothers, from their 1974 album. It is an extremely heartfelt song with a beautiful melody and lyrics describing Slovenia’s unique beauty.

Thank you to my supporters who have sent so many messages asking for me to create learning material for this song. I hope the sheets and tutorial video helps you learn this song, including its challenging diminished chords and its ending in D flat.

Preview tutorial video:

‘Learn to play’ package:

📝 Sheet music pdf (G) + 📹 slow tutorial video (G)

Sheet music only:

📝 Sheet music pdf (G)

A cover of this song with backing track from

Polka Express (J. Burnik) [Tutorial video]

This is a song by Jože Burnik, iconic Oberkrainer music composer and accordionist (Alpenoberkrainer, Heimatlandecho, Ansambel Jožeta Burnika). Thank you to Jože who provided his own original sheet music for me to use in this video. Here is a free playthrough video of this song 35bpm with Jože’s notation, in the original key of F, split into 3 parts.

Part A
Part B
Part C

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