Šikana Polka – Fast Polka (P. Grivic) [Sheet music]

Šikana Polka (translates from Slovene to ‘Fast Polka’) was written for the diatonic button accordion (Slo: Diatonična harmonika, Ger: Steirische harmonika) by Peter Grivic, a fellow Slovenian-Australian who I’ve had the pleasure of performing with many times in our trio Alpski Muzikantje (Alpen Musikanten). Peter has had a successful musical journey, performing for many Alpine/Oberkrainer music fans throughout Australia on piano accordion, diatonic button accordion, bass and guitar, he won 1st place at the Slovenian-Australian accordion competition ‘Slovenian Polka Down Under’ in 1999, and performed with many bands over the years in Australia. Peter has written several songs for the diatonic button accordion, and I’d like to share one of my favourite ones with you. This polka is played fast and gets quite complex, and I hope some of you will enjoy learning it on either piano accordion or button accordion.

Sheet music:

📝 Sheet music pdf (F)

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