Mavrica čez Gorenjsko – Regenbogen über Oberkrain (V. & S. Avsenik) [Sheet music]

This is one of the Avsenik brothers’ most popular instrumental waltzes, Mavrica čez Gorenjsko (in Slovenian) or Regenbogen über Oberkrain (in German) which in both languages translate to “Rainbow over Gorenjska” (the Gorenjska or in English, Upper Carniola region of Slovenia).

It first appeared on Ansambel bratov Avsenik’s Slovenian 1969 LP “Odmev s Triglava” (Echo from Triglav; Triglav being Slovenia’s highest mountain). That album is one of Avsenik’s most important, as it features many songs which have become Avsenik’s most played and listened, including Drija Drajsom Polka (Wigel Wogel Polka), Mavrica Čez Gorenjsko (Regenbogen über Oberkrain), Veter Nosi Pesem Mojo (Der wind bringt dir mein Lied; which was performed at Slavko Avsenik’s funeral), Spomin Na Zürich (Erinnerung an Zürich) and Čakala Bom (Ich wart’ auf dich) among others. Needless to say, listening to this album is a very special experience.

Although this waltz was originally recorded with Avsenik’s quintett, it works well in a trio or on solo accordion, and is a staple in many Alpine folk music groups’ repertoires across Slovenia, Austria, Southern Germany (Bavaria) and Northern Croatia (Zagorje and Istria).


📝 Sheet music pdf (G major)

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