Matej Kovačič

Pot Pod Noge (M. Kovačič) [Sheet music]

Growing up in the 1990s and most of the 2000s, before YouTube, my only access to Oberkrainer/Alpine music videos was my dad’s video tapes and streaming some very pixelated video from TV Slovenija’s website on dial-up. One of these tapes was simply called “Narodno-zabavna glasba” (Folk-pop music) featuring random Slovenian ensembles from the 1980s, taped …

Pot Pod Noge (M. Kovačič) [Sheet music] Preberi več »

V Dolskem (M. Kovačič) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video] [Play-along audio] [Play-along video]

This is a polka by Matej Kovačič, from “S Polko In Valčkom Po Sloveniji” released by Ansambel Borisa Kovačiča in 1986. Preview: 📝 Sheet music pdf (F) 📝 Sheet music pdf (F) + 🎵 Accompaniment mp3 (F) Learn to play includes:📝 Sheet music pdf (F)🎼 Accompaniment/playback mp3 (F)📹 Slow tutorial video (F)🎹 Play-along video (F)

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