Musikfest (G. Schlatzer) [Sheet music]

“Musikfest” (German for “Music Festival”) is an upbeat and straightforward melodic polka from around 1990, written by Günther Schlatzer and performed by “Grazer Spatzen”, a popular-folk music and Oberkrainer ensemble from Austria (1983-2018). Grazer Spatzen are particularly known for their remarkably high energy polkas, high quality instrumentalists, and amazing baritone playing by Wolfgang Sorger (who […]

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Schneewalzer – Snežni valček – Snow waltz (T. Koschat) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

Schneewalzer, known as ‘Snow waltz’ in English or ‘Snežni valček’ in Slovenian, was written by Thomas Koschat (1845-1914) from Klagenfurt (Slo: Celovec), Austria. Koschat was an accomplished musician, composer and vocalist whose achievements include working in the Vienna State Opera and touring Europe and America with his vocal group which specialised in folk songs from

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Dem Land Tirol die Treue (F. Pedarnig) [Sheet music]

This Austrian march translates to “Loyalty to Tyrol.” It was composed in the 1950s by Florian Pedarnig, with lyrics by his brother Josef Pedarnig. Published in 1985, the song has risen to the status of the third most played at the Munich Oktoberfest. It received some controversy due to its lyrics briefly referencing the separation

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Party Polka (H. Färber) [Sheet music]

This is an instrumental polka composed by Helmut Färber, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from the Austrian Oberkrainer band Die Mooskirchner. The original recording featured the ensemble’s co-founder Helmut Freydl on the chromatic button accordion. It’s a technically demanding song to play on the accordion which can be challenging to find appropriate fingering and right hand chords,

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Ein walzer für harmonika (E. Moser) [Sheet music]

This waltz (which translates to “A waltz for the accordion”) was written by Erich Moser from Austria and recorded in the 1980s with his trio. Erich Moser was a brilliant Steirische Harmonika (diatonic button accordion) player who passed away in 1992 at the age of 37, and left behind a legacy of several albums, many

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Flott aufg’spielt (E. Moser) [Sheet music] [Play-along audio]

This is Erich Moser’s most popular polka, Flott aufg’spielt, which roughly translates to ‘Playing quickly’. Erich Moser was an amazing steirische harmonika (diatonic button accordion) player from Austria, who was well known for his great technical skills and many unique, beautiful melodies like Kleiner Spatz am Dach, Walzer fur harmonika, and so on. Unfortunately Erich

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