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Andrej Toplišek’s new Oberkrainer and Jazz creations – “Tradicija in umetnost” and “Hometown suite”

Andrej Toplišek’s first independent Oberkrainer album after his time with Okrogli Muzikantje (Runden Oberkrainer) was a LP called “Postkarte aus Slowenien” which he released in 2019. I wrote about it then (linked here), simply because it was the first time in years that I’ve been so excited about a new album in the Narodnozabavna and Oberkrain genre, not to mention it being the first Oberkrainer vinyl with new material since the last pressings around 1990.

The only reason I’m writing about his new albums this time, is the same. He’s created something new and exciting, and I hope that by talking about it, a few more Oberkrainer fans can enjoy something new and interesting, which they may want to listen to again and again.

The first new Oberkrainer album on vinyl

The first new Oberkrainer/Narodnozabavna album on vinyl (since the end of vinyl pressings in Slovenia and Austria) has been released by Andrej Toplišek Septett, called Postkarte aus Slowenien (Postcard from Slovenia). It features top Oberkrainer style musicians and vocalists from Slovenia and Austria; Andrej Toplišek (formerly Okrogli Muzikanti, accordion), Sandi Jug (Quintett Juchee, lead vocalist), Mojca Bitenc Križaj (formerly Mitja Kvintet, vocals), Mike Orešar (Igor in Zlati Zvoki, guitar), Nejc Merc (Oberkrainer Power, baritone), Tomaž Zevnik (formerly Ansambel Saša Avsenika, clarinet). It was entirely produced in Toplišek’s studio.

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