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15 thoughts on “Learning material”

  1. Just taken 3 more that I was missing. I also think I saw Polka Express listed but can’t now find it . Am I mistaken?
    Thanks a lot for the music that you provide. It’s great fun to try to play it at the speed you do!
    Best wishes,

  2. Today I found your email. Thank you very, very , much. I enjoy the videos, the sheet music and the stories.

  3. Hallo Phillip
    Ich bin auf Ihre Webseite und Youtubvideos gestoßen.
    Einfach super.Sehr sehr gut gespieltes Akkordeon, großes Kompliment.
    Habe sofort ein paar Noten bestellt.
    Einfach super,daß endlich jemand diese Noten schreibt.
    Gibt es auch Noten von Zauber der Julischen Alpen u. Slowenischer Wein ?(in Youtubvideo gesehen)
    oder sonstige nicht aufgelistete Titel?

    LG. Thomas Huber

  4. Hi Phillip,
    Added to my collection his evening and am very pleased. I especially like the attached videos to each piece so that I can hear them before I buy.
    I have also enjoyed the articles which you publish occasionally – the ORA accordion and the notes on Avsenik’s accordions.
    Thank you

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