Common accordion runs in Oberkrainer style polkas – 12 pages [Exercise sheets]

If you’re familiar with Oberkrainer or Alpine style polkas, you’ve probably noticed the abundance of accordion runs that can be easily learned and customized. In this downloadable exercise sheet, I have compiled some of the most commonly used accordion treble runs in every major key. I’ve included examples of the fingering I like to use, as well as basic bass runs.

These sheets serve as valuable practice exercises or handy references when learning songs by ear. Feel free to use them to enhance your skills or as a helpful resource for perfecting your repertoire.

If you liked this, let me know in the comments below (any ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated). In the future I will create a sheet for waltzes.

Sheet music:

Includes 📝 sheet music pdf – 12 pages, all 12 major keys
and 📝 sheet music pdf x12 – individual pdf file for each major key

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Free tutorial videos:

Key of C

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