Grandpa From Kranj Polka (J. Miskulin) [Sheet music]

Joey Miskulin is an incredibly accomplished accordionist and music producer of Slovenian and Croatian roots from the United States. I’ve always known about him for his work with Frankie Yankovic (in the Cleveland-Style Polka genre), although Miskulin has worked with the likes of Johnny Cash, John Denver, and even contributed to the soundtrack for Toy Story 2 with his American Western Swing band “Riders in the Sky“. Recently, Joey recorded an album in Slovenia called “Back to Slovenia“, with Oberkrainer/Alpine music legends including Mike Orešar (Igor in Zlati Zvoki among other ensembles), Maja Šturm Razboršek (Alpski Kvintet) and Oto Pestner (Alpski Kvintet).

‘Grandpa from Kranj’ caught my attention because of the accordion solo which Miskulin played on a piano accordion that closely emulated the Slovenian/Alpine diatonic button accordion, its interesting melody and bass runs, and its ‘bouncy’ feeling. I hope you enjoy learning it.

Sheet music

📝 Sheet music pdf (F key)

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