Old Timers Polka – J. Pecon & Wishbone Polka – E. Habat [Sheet music]

This my transcription based on a performance by two prominent Cleveland-style (Slovenian-American style) figures; Walter Ostanek (Canada) and Eddie Habat (USA) at Lojze Slak’s 30th anniversary concert in Slovenia, 1994. They performed 2 shortened Cleveland-style polkas: ‘Old Timers Polka’ by Johnny Pecon and ‘Wishbone Polka’ by Eddie Habat. You may notice that the first part of ‘Old Timers Polka’ resembles a Slovene folk song (the name escapes me at the moment).

This arrangement is limited to the recorded performance and may not include all parts of the original songs which I have linked to below. I’ve tried to capture how it was played on this video, instead of the original recordings, including a few nice runs by Ostanek. The bass runs are also loosely based on Slak’s bassist Franci Sever as he played it in this video (below).

Sheet music:

📝 Sheet music pdf (F)


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Recording of ‘Wishbone Polka’ – Eddie Habat on archive.org
Recording of ‘Old Timers Polka’ – Johnny Pecon on archive.org
Performance of these 2 songs in 1994 by Walter Ostanek and Eddie Habat with Lojze Slak’s bassist and guitarist Franci Sever and Milan Ferlež
How I tried to play this several years ago

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