Eisschützen Polka – Ice Stock Sport Polka (Austrian folk song) [Sheet music]

This is a folk song from the Pinzgau region of the Austrian state of Salzburg, which translates to “Ice Stock Sport Polka”, and is also known by the name “Pinzgauer Eisschützen Polka” which means “Ice Stock Sport Polka from Pinzgau”. “Eisschützen” refers to Ice Stock Sport, also referred to as “Bavarian Curling” or “Eisstockschießen”, and is a winter sport practiced in Austria, Germany, and the northern Italian region of Südtirol or Trentino-Alto Adige.

It is an older folk song with no named composer and is commonly played in Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol, particularly on the Styrian Diatonic Button Accordion (Steirische Harmonika) as well as Alpine Folk Dance Music ensembles (Tanzlmusi). Below I’ve linked to my favourite online performances of this song, one of which is a very impressive, energetic rendition by @leosefleurs on the Steirische Harmonika. I also love the energetic performance (with some Oberkrainer style elements thrown in) by Eschenauer Tanzlmusi.

Sheet music

📝 Sheet music pdf (F major)

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