Mi se imamo radi & Jaz pa ti pa židana marela (Slovenian folk songs) [Free sheet music]

This is a combination of 2 Slovenian folk songs which are performed as polkas, and this specific medley was performed by Alpski Kvintet (Alpenoberkrainer) on their “Schöne Urlaubszeit” album released in the 1970s, where it was titled “Gute freunde”. In the 1960s a similar medley with more folk songs was recorded by the Avsenik Brothers Ensemble (Ansambel bratov Avsenik), featuring Avsenik’s original and legendary vocal duet, Danica Filiplič with Franc Koren. Many more recordings have been made by various ensembles of folk songs such as these.

“Mi se imamo radi” or “Mi se ‘mamo radi” means “We all like each other” and includes very simple lyrics about being happy in the company of others. This is often performed by the Slovenian-American community in the Cleveland-Style Polka genre as “Oj Marička Pegla” (Oh Mary, do the ironing) which I’ve seen misspelled as “Oj Marica Pegla” or “Oj Marica Peglay” and features happy, sillier lyrics. This folk song occasionally gets sung in Austria with either Slovenian or German lyrics. The German lyrics are similar in nature and the title is usually “Gute freunde” (Good friends) or “Wir sind gute freunde” (We are good friends).

“Jaz pa ti pa židana marela” translates to “You and me and the silk umbrella” although “židana” is no longer used as a term for silk, and is only found in old dictionary resources as well as Cleveland-Style recordings for “Silk Umbrella Polka” which are indeed the same song.


📝 Free sheet music pdf (F major)


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Recording by Alpski Kvintet/Alpenoberkrainer

Performance by Sašo Avsenik’s ensemble, with bassist Aleš Jurman on diatonic button accordion


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