Rdeči cvet – La colpa fu (E. Sciorilli) [Sheet music]

“Rdeči cvet” (Red flower) or “La colpa fu” (The fault was…) is the signature song of one of Slovenia’s oldest popular-folk ensembles, Beneški fantje, who celebrated 70 years of continuous activity in 2022. This ensemble’s name, which translates to Venetian Boys, (not relating to Venice), refers to a region of Northeastern Italy called “Beneška Slovenija” in Slovenian, “Slavia Veneta” in Italian, or “Slavia Friulana” in English, which was named such because of its Slavic population that settled there in the 8th century AD. In the last few centuries within the Slovenian language it has come to mean “Venetian Slovenia” due to its Slovenian population. Beneški fantje usually featured a traditional […]

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