La mula de Parenzo – Dekle iz Poreča (Istrian folk song) [Sheet music]

‘La mula de Parenzo’ is a folk song dating hundreds of years ago, from Istria, a peninsula in the Adriatic Sea shared by Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. The name translates to ‘Dekle iz Poreča’ (Slovene) or ‘The Girl from Poreč/Parenzo‘ (English) and it is sung in various Italian dialects. One of its most popular recordings is by Lidija Percan, an Istrian Croatian singer. This song is very well known in Slovenian, Croatian, North Italian and nearby Austrian populations.

‘Skrei Net – Arctic Cod Archive’ has a more detailed explanation of the origins of ‘La mula Parenzo’:

The first Italian song which sees the codfish as protagonist is La Mula de Parenzo (the girl from Poreč, an Istrian island), which was sung on a boat by fishermen. It is a very popular song, particularly in the middle and the North of Italy, where baccalà’ and polenta (corn porridge) were the fundamental dishes of the poor cuisine until the middle of the 20th Century. The song tells the story of an unknown vendor from the Istrian town, who ran an emporium for fishermen where he sold a little bit of everything … except for baccalà. The song is dated 18th century and there are no know authors.

Skrei Net Arctic Cod Archive

Sheet music only:
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