Tečejo, tečejo nitke (M. Ahačič Pollak) [Sheet music]

“Tečejo, tečejo nitke” or “Flowing, flowing are threads of life” is a beautiful waltz by Marija Ahačič Pollak which sings of life being short, and threads of life (just like threads of fabric) are easy to tear, therefore we must try to experience and spread as much joy as possible.

Marija is a Slovenian singer with many accomplishments who moved to Canada in the 1960s and has dedicated her life to Slovenian music and culture both in Slovenia and Canada, through her work as a singer, composer, musician and radio host, among other work. She is also known for her role in Ansambel bratov Avsenik (then Kvintet Avsenik) in the early days of their career, and can be heard on their recording ‘Čujte me, čujte mamica vi‘ from their first Slovenian LP ‘Tam kjer murke cveto’. In fact, the song ‘Tam kjer murke cveto’ was initially sung by Marija at live performances, however on the day of recording was unable to do so, which is why Danica Filiplič’s voice is heard on the recording.

Since 1991 Marija leads an all-female Slovenian vocal group based in Canada called Skupina Plamen, who also performs this song. The original recording features her brother’s trio, Trio Vital Ahačič, accompanying Marija. Vital Ahačič is known for his beautiful melodic and heartfelt playing of the chromatic button accordion in Ansambel Borisa Kovačiča as well as accompanying Stanka Kovačič on several albums.


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