Fern von dir (D. Novato) [Sheet music]

“Fern von dir” (German for “Far from you”) is an instrumental waltz by Denis Novato, a world champion on the diatonic button accordion with Slovenian and Italian ancestry who hails from the Italian city of Trieste (or ‘Trst’ in Slovenian) and is currently based in Südtirol (South Tyrol) which is the northernmost area in Italy. Both South Tyrol and Trieste are locations where Slovenian/Alpine music, including Slavko Avsenik’s, is frequently performed by folk musicians native to those areas, in the typical Slovenian/Alpine style. The most respected musicians and ensembles from Slovenia and Austria often perform in these areas as well.

Denis has won several awards for both the promotion of Slovenian/Alpine folk music and promotion of the accordion to an international audience. Among his audience has also been Pope Francis, for whom Novato has performed. Denis has a very unique and entertaining style, particularly when performed live. He is also distinguished from others by the unique sound produced from his special Slovenian diatonic button accordions (Steirische Harmonika) which have an uncommon feature for the diatonic button accordion: one of the ‘middle’ reeds sit inside the tone chamber or ‘Cassotto’, which resonates more like a piano accordion or chromatic button accordion with the same configuration. When coupled with the right musette tuning, it produces an unmistakable Slovenian/Oberkrainer sound.

Although Denis is known for his virtuosic and impressively fast playing, many of his own compositions are very melodic and easier to play, like this one which I have arranged for solo accordion, including bass runs and finger numbering for piano accordion.


📝 Sheet music pdf (D key)

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