Für’n Vater (K. Maier) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

“Für’n Vater” (or Fürn Voda in Bavarian German dialect, meaning “For father”) is a Boarischer from the 2010s by Kastulus Maier and released by Hallgrafen Musikanten, a Bavarian folk music group which plays an Alpine ‘Tanzlmusi’ style of folk music (translating to ‘Dance music’). This style is known for its use of brass instruments, as well as a nylon string guitar (or sometimes harp) and accordion for rhythm, and is played in the alpine regions of Austria and southern Germany. Hallgrafen Musikanten has become very well known over their 10+ years of existence for their unique compositions, their new take on the traditional Tanzlmusi sound, adding double bass, energetic and sometimes jazzy brass playing, and their very unique interpretations of songs that have come from the Oberkrainer style. (Please watch them on YouTube or order their albums, you won’t regret it.)

This song has become a popular instrumental throughout the Austrian and Bavarian folk music world, with many performances and recordings across the different styles and formations including Oberkrainer style quintets, trios, brass orchestras, as well as accordion solos including on the Steirische Harmonika (diatonic button accordion). Although this Boarischer’s melody is mostly played by brass instruments by Hallgrafen Musikanten, I have arranged it for the accordion in the original key of B flat major.

‘Learn to play’ package (includes sheet music)

Tutorial preview (B♭ major)

Learn to play (B♭ major)

  • 📝 Sheet music pdf (B♭)
  • 📹 Slow tutorial video (B♭)

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📝 Sheet music pdf (B♭ major)

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The first video of this song by Hallgrafen Musikanten in 2014

Their second video of this song posted in 2020

Die Lungauer from Austria performing this song in the Oberkrainer style

A rendition on the Steirische Harmonika (diatonic button accordion)

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