Hello – Pozdravljeni

I’m a Slovenian-Australian accordionist and software developer in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Über mich

From an early age my Slovenian background encouraged me to learn popular folk music on accordion (Slovenian: narodnozabavna glasba, German: volkstümliche musik), which is played in the alpine regions of central Europe. Later I learnt to play this style on diatonic button accordion (Slovenian: frajtonerca, German: steirische harmonika), guitar and bass. My goal is to help others learn to play this music, especially in English speaking countries where it is difficult to get face-to-face help..


  • In April 2019 musician and journalist from Slovenia, Jože Galič, wrote an article about my work in Slovenian music abroad in a magazine Vikend by Slovenian newspaper Delo.
  • In 2019 formed a trio with two Slovenian-Australians (Peter Grivic and Steve Rezonja), Alpski Muzikantje (Alpen Musikanten), performing Slovenian and Alpine music around Melbourne.
  • During the 2020 lockdowns, I participated in a collaboration with Slovenian musicians from USA and Canada which was aired on TV Slovenia’s music program Slovenski Pozdravi.
  • Participated in a Christmas collaboration video with Sašo Avsenik (Ansambel Saša Avsenika).
  • Wrote piano accordion sheet music for Denis Novato’s sheet music book released in 2022 by Bognermusik.
  • Appeared on TV Slovenija’s documentary on 70 years of Avsenik’s music in 2023.

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