I’m very grateful to have been offered the opportunity to contribute to Denis Novato’s second book, published by Musikverlag Bogner in Germany. This book contains 10 Novato compositions, in both Griffschrift notation for Steirische Harmonika (diatonic button accordion) by Hubert Klausner (zillertal-noten.at) and standard notation for accordion by myself. It is accompanied by a CD of these 10 polkas and waltzes.

The book is available for purchase on bognermusik.de or directly through Denis.

Songs in this book

1. Alter Zug – Stara lokomotiva
2. Beim Flek
3. Beim Winkler
4. Fahrt bei nacht
5. Fern von Freunden
6. In der Bucht von Sydney

7. Papa’s lachen
8. Rundflug mit Hansi
9. Sommernächte

10. Ich denk an dich

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