Musikfest (G. Schlatzer) [Sheet music]

“Musikfest” (German for “Music Festival”) is an upbeat and straightforward melodic polka from around 1990, written by Günther Schlatzer and performed by “Grazer Spatzen”, a popular-folk music and Oberkrainer ensemble from Austria (1983-2018). Grazer Spatzen are particularly known for their remarkably high energy polkas, high quality instrumentalists, and amazing baritone playing by Wolfgang Sorger (who wrote a popular solo for the baritone “Bariton Lechner”). This instrumental was recorded at a very fast 166bpm, although I suggest anything starting at 145bpm is suitable.


📝 Sheet music pdf (B♭ key)


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  1. Bernd Ehmann

    Hello Phil
    Thank you for inscribing this wonderful old polka by the Grazer Spatzen. I had the pleasure of experiencing this group live and also getting to know Wolfgang Sorger. He gave me great advice when I bought my baritone. I learnt to appreciate him as a modest, untrained musician and honest person. He was certainly one of the best baritone players during his active career.
    I would be delighted if you continued to put such old gems of folk music on paper in your own way.

    With musical greetings from Germany to Australia

    Bernd Ehmann


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