Plavi Encijan – Blauer Enzian (J. Burnik) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

“Plavi Encijan” (German: “Blauer Enzian”) translates to “Blue Enzian” (Enzian is also known as Gentian, an alpine flower with an intense blue colour). It was written by legendary Slovenian popular folk and Oberkrainer style accordionist and composer Jože Burnik (best known for his instrumentals “Dobro Jutro” or “Guten Morgen” and “Polka Express”, etc), and recorded by Alpski Kvintet (Alpenoberkrainer) from Slovenia, in the 1970s with vocalist Tomaž Tozon (Slovenian singer, choirmaster, composer and music producer), then again in the 1980s with Oto Pestner (popular Slovenian vocalist). It has been recorded in both Slovene and German languages, and has very cute lyrics about the Blue Enzian flower. The original version was performed in the key of F, while the 1980s version and live cover by Sekstakord (another very high quality Oberkrainer ensemble) was performed in the key of G.

‘Learn to play’ package (includes sheet music)

Tutorial preview:


📝 Sheet music pdf (F)
📹 Slow tutorial video (F)


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📝 Sheet music pdf (F key)


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1970s Slovenian version
1970s German version
1980s Slovenian version
1980s German version
Live cover by Sekstakord


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