Rosi Polka – Hey Rosi (F. Gressenberger) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

“Rosi Polka” or “Hey Rosi” is an energetic instrumental polka featuring just 2 sung words: “Hey Rosi!” and some challenging keyboard runs. It was written by Felix Gressenberger from Austria, who recorded this song with Die 5 Rosentaler in the late 1980s, and with Friedl Lazarus und seine Original Mooskirchner (also known as Mooskirchner Quintett) in the 1990s. This polka has become a staple of Austrian folk music and Oberkrainer music groups’ repertoires, covered in a variety of folk styles such as Echte Volksmusik through to Oberkrainer style trios and quintetts, and performed on either chromatic button accordion, diatonic button accordion (Steirische Harmonika) or the piano accordion. The song continues

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Musikfest (G. Schlatzer) [Sheet music]

“Musikfest” (German for “Music Festival”) is an upbeat and straightforward melodic polka from around 1990, written by Günther Schlatzer and performed by “Grazer Spatzen”, a popular-folk music and Oberkrainer ensemble from Austria (1983-2018). Grazer Spatzen are particularly known for their remarkably high energy polkas, high quality instrumentalists, and amazing baritone playing by Wolfgang Sorger (who wrote a popular solo for the baritone “Bariton Lechner”). This instrumental was recorded at a very fast 166bpm, although I suggest anything starting at 145bpm is suitable. Sheet music 📝 Sheet music pdf (B♭ key)

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Plavi Encijan – Blauer Enzian (J. Burnik) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

“Plavi Encijan” (German: “Blauer Enzian”) translates to “Blue Enzian” (Enzian is also known as Gentian, an alpine flower with an intense blue colour). It was written by legendary Slovenian popular folk and Oberkrainer style accordionist and composer Jože Burnik (best known for his instrumentals “Dobro Jutro” or “Guten Morgen” and “Polka Express”, etc), and recorded by Alpski Kvintet (Alpenoberkrainer) from Slovenia, in the 1970s with vocalist Tomaž Tozon (Slovenian singer, choirmaster, composer and music producer), then again in the 1980s with Oto Pestner (popular Slovenian vocalist). It has been recorded in both Slovene and German languages, and has very cute lyrics about the Blue Enzian flower. The original version was

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Fern von dir (D. Novato) [Sheet music]

“Fern von dir” (German for “Far from you”) is an instrumental waltz by Denis Novato, a world champion on the diatonic button accordion with Slovenian and Italian ancestry who hails from the Italian city of Trieste (or ‘Trst’ in Slovenian) and is currently based in Südtirol (South Tyrol) which is the northernmost area in Italy. Both South Tyrol and Trieste are locations where Slovenian/Alpine music, including Slavko Avsenik’s, is frequently performed by folk musicians native to those areas, in the typical Slovenian/Alpine style. The most respected musicians and ensembles from Slovenia and Austria often perform in these areas as well. Denis has won several awards for both the promotion of

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