Stainzer Polka (E. Reinisch) [Sheet music]

Stainzer Polka (Stainz is a municipality in Styria, so based on Grazer Spatzen being from Styria, it’s probably named after that) is an instrumental from the 1990s by Erich Reinisch, the trumpet player from one of Austria’s most popular and influential (while specialising in Oberkrainer style) Alpine folk music bands from Austria, Grazer Spatzen (Sparrows […]

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Harmonika Hans’l (Austrian folk song) [Sheet music]

“Harmonika Hans’l” is a traditional Austrian waltz (from the context of existing recordings I’m assuming it’s from Austria) of unknown origin and has been recorded several times by different Austrian folk music groups, primarily traditional folk music rather than the Oberkrainer style, and on the Steirische Harmonika (Styrian or Alpine button accordion), however it was

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Eisschützen Polka – Ice Stock Sport Polka (Austrian folk song) [Sheet music]

This is a folk song from the Pinzgau region of the Austrian state of Salzburg, which translates to “Ice Stock Sport Polka”, and is also known by the name “Pinzgauer Eisschützen Polka” which means “Ice Stock Sport Polka from Pinzgau”. “Eisschützen” refers to Ice Stock Sport, also referred to as “Bavarian Curling” or “Eisstockschießen”, and

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Schützenfest (H. Färber) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

“Schützenfest” is an instrumental polka which translates to “Marksmen’s festival“, and was written by Helmut Färber and recorded by Die Mooskirchner from Austria in 1992. Färber is a musician and vocalist who contributed compositions, vocals and clarinet playing for Die Mooskirchner for many years, and wrote many hits which are regularly played by Oberkrainer and

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Rosi Polka – Hey Rosi (F. Gressenberger) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

“Rosi Polka” or “Hey Rosi” is an energetic instrumental polka featuring just 2 sung words: “Hey Rosi!” and some challenging keyboard runs. It was written by Felix Gressenberger from Austria, who recorded this song with Die 5 Rosentaler in the late 1980s, and with Friedl Lazarus und seine Original Mooskirchner (also known as Mooskirchner Quintett)

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Musikfest (G. Schlatzer) [Sheet music]

“Musikfest” (German for “Music Festival”) is an upbeat and straightforward melodic polka from around 1990, written by Günther Schlatzer and performed by “Grazer Spatzen”, a popular-folk music and Oberkrainer ensemble from Austria (1983-2018). Grazer Spatzen are particularly known for their remarkably high energy polkas, high quality instrumentalists, and amazing baritone playing by Wolfgang Sorger (who

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