Večeras je naša fešta (T. Ivčić) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

“Večeras je naša fešta” is an upbeat song by Croatian pop singer Tomislav Ivčić from the 1980s, which translates to “Tonight is our party”. It has become somewhat of a folk song as well as an unofficial anthem of the Croatian region of Dalmatia, often sung when a Dalmatian sports team wins an important game. It is also played in Slovenia, retaining its Croatian lyrics and played as a polka, and also as a cover by a Polish group “Kapela Górole” who recorded it in the Polish language with the title “Ciebie w Sercu Noszę” which translates to a completely different theme to the original (“I carry you in my heart” as opposed to “Tonight is our party”).

Tomislav had an interesting and successful career as a singer, songwriter, and politician, before a car accident ended his life in 1993 at the age of 40. His anti-war song “Stop the war in Croatia” became instantly popular internationally, reaching number 7 in the Australian charts in 1991. In 2021 the Dalmatian coastal town of Zadar (of which Tomislav was a native) made him an honorary citizen.

The original was sung in the key of G, so I’ve arranged this song for accordion in the same key, but with some Alpine flair particularly in the introduction.

‘Learn to play’ package (includes sheet music)

Tutorial preview:


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