Pot Pod Noge (M. Kovačič) [Sheet music]

Growing up in the 1990s and most of the 2000s, before YouTube, my only access to Oberkrainer/Alpine music videos was my dad’s video tapes and streaming some very pixelated video from TV Slovenija’s website on dial-up. One of these tapes was simply called “Narodno-zabavna glasba” (Folk-pop music) featuring random Slovenian ensembles from the 1980s, taped from TV Ljubljana back in the day.

Among them was Ansambel Borisa Kovačiča with his son Matej Kovačič (better known for his role in the Austrian ensemble Kaiserwälder Musketiere) who is an extraordinary accordion player and composer in the Oberkrainer style. His style of playing, the accordion he used, the arrangements and sound of Boris Kovačič’s quintett, and the visuals of the Slovenian traditional costume from the Gorenjska region (the de-facto Oberkrainer clothing) have impacted me to this day.

I’ve always wanted to learn this technically advanced instrumental which appeared on that tape, and translates to “On the way” (among other possible translations), and now I hope I can help others learn it too.

Sheet music:

📝 Sheet music pdf (A key)

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