Rajanje na vasi (F. Mihelič) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video]

“Rajanje na vasi” is an instrumental polka by the ever-smiling Franc Mihelič, one of the most popular and influential diatonic button accordionists from Slovenia within the Slovenian popular-folk and Alpine styles. The Slovenian title means “Raging in the village” or “Fun in the village” while the German title “Beim Dorftanz” translates to “At the village …

Rajanje na vasi (F. Mihelič) [Sheet music] [Tutorial video] Read More »

Pot Pod Noge (M. Kovačič) [Sheet music]

Growing up in the 1990s and most of the 2000s, before YouTube, my only access to Oberkrainer/Alpine music videos was my dad’s video tapes and streaming some very pixelated video from TV Slovenija’s website on dial-up. One of these tapes was simply called “Narodno-zabavna glasba” (Folk-pop music) featuring random Slovenian ensembles from the 1980s, taped …

Pot Pod Noge (M. Kovačič) [Sheet music] Read More »

Party Polka (H. Färber) [Sheet music]

This is an instrumental polka composed by Helmut Färber, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from the Austrian Oberkrainer band Die Mooskirchner. The original recording featured the ensemble’s co-founder Helmut Freydl on the chromatic button accordion. It’s a technically demanding song to play on the accordion which can be challenging to find appropriate fingering and right hand chords, …

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Proti Mariboru – Flotte Harmonika (J. Burnik) [Sheet music]

‘Proti Mariboru’ or ‘Flotte Harmonika’ by Jože Burnik (Slovenia) was recorded by Edi Semeja on accordion with Alpski Kvintet (Alpenoberkrainer) in the 1990s. It isn’t a widely played song but is another great instrumental which is fun to play on the accordion. Sheet music: 📝 Sheet music pdf (G key)

Kaj mi nuca planinca (Slovenian folk song) [Sheet music]

This is a Slovenian folk song which is played as an upbeat polka, which roughly translates to “What can I do if I can’t get to the mountain, what can I do if I can’t get to my girl” (based on its lyrics rather than the title alone, for better context). Avsenik’s recording was one …

Kaj mi nuca planinca (Slovenian folk song) [Sheet music] Read More »

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